Real-Time Streaming Information, Analytics, Commentary, and Insights

Dashboard Functionality

Technical Charts

Visual charts on all indices with over 30 studies- including RSI, moving averages, MACD, and volume indicators. 

Heat Maps

Chart out the market looking for changes in market fundamentals in an easy to understand and graphically friendly way to see market changes when looking at multiple indexes, indicators, and cities. 

Volume Charting

Compare all market indexes for changes in volume from one period to the next- looking for volatility in the market. 

Messaging System


One of the nice features of Dashboard currently under construction, is a robust messaging system. This system allows users to stay in contact with other users. You will be able to look up other users of the system in order to send them a message, and if you contact someone regularly, you can set them up on speed-dial as well. When messaging, you have two choices. The first is to send a traditional message, which is basically like an email. The second is to open up an instant message window with the other user, which, as the name implies, is similar to traditional instant messaging.

Trade Execution System


Freight Futures are coming to the trucking market and FreightWaves Dashboard is built for trading. As soon as freight financial instruments are offered by TransRisk- FreightWaves Dashboard will be market-ready. 

Commentary, News, and Insights

Get trucking news, commentary, and market information from over 40 news sites across the industry- combined with FreightWaves' own freight market, economy, fuel, and weather commentary. 

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Friendly

FreightWaves Dashboard is Built in HTML5 and its built for all types of browsers, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Hosted in the Cloud

FreightWaves Dashboard does not require and software to be downloaded on a computer or into a data-center. Its all hosted in a secure cloud and available to anyone- anywhere. 


FreightWaves has partnered with one of the leading providers of financial trading systems in the world- CQG. 

Their trading platforms are used in over 45k+ trading offices around the world connected to the largest financial exchanges in the world, including NYSE, ICE, CME, and Nasdaq.