Aggregating Millions of Trucking Data Points and Presenting Indices for 135 US Markets

Supply/Demand Indices

Factoring Volume Index

Fleets that factor are exposed to the most volatility of all trucks in the market and determining how many loads the fleets have been taking in which markets should indicate the direction of supply/demand for the broader market.

Transaction Tender Indices

 By capturing over $50B of electronic tenders from shippers; we analyze volumes relative to averages, combined with accept and reject messages - we can then map out the balance of trucks/loads in major US markets, especially for the larger fleets that accept electronic tenders (EDI/API/Blockchain)

Transit Dwell Index

 Looking at appointment times and dwell can indicate the speed of inventory turnover and product velocity.   

Fuel Card Swipe Index

We map out fuel card swipe data by geocooridors, helping us develop a map of truck velocity in markets.  

DAT Market Barometer

DAT, in conjunction with Broughton Capital, has developed a market barometer showing the balance of load/truck searches on the DAT loadboard.

Trailer Turn Index

Using trailer tracking data, FreightWaves looks at how fast trailers turn- indicating how fast shippers are turning trailer pools.  

Trucking Efficiency Indices

Hours of Service Utilization Index

Tracks the amount of hours that are utilized by drivers vs. their allotted time under FMCSA rules. 

Empty Miles index

Tracks the amount of miles that are considered empty moves (i.e. not revenue paying miles). 

Pricing Indices

DAT Spot Rates

DAT is the leading provider of spot-market pricing data in the industry. Aggregating over $33B of market transactions on an annual basis, DAT has the most reliable and consistent index in the business.  

Cass Contract Price Index

Cass is a leading pricing data provider, based on freight bill payments of over $26B of contract rates. 

Fuel and Weather Indices

Retail Fuel Price Index

Retail truckstop fuel prices from around the country. 

Rack Fuel Index

Rack fuel prices from around the country. 

Truckstop Retail Margin Index

Tracking weekly retailer margin of truck stops around the country, allowing users to identify opportunity to more efficiently plan their networks. 

Weather Risk Index

Riskpulse utilizes a proprietary scoring system for weather events and varying levels of severity. With full access to this system, FreightWaves publishes an index, allowing users to see historical indicators and predict future weather impact on supply-chains.  

Econometrics Indices and Data

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Combining market analytics of average costs across the market with real-time costs, we have developed a dynamic TCO index. 

General Market Health Index

An index that looks at TCO per mile, compared with average contract rates and spot rates to project market financial health.  

Used Truck Pricing Index

 In partnership with ACT, the leading provider of used truck pricing, we have a dynamic pricing index for used truck values.  

Commodity Flows

 Predict US freight flows over 30 years by origin, destination, commodity and transportation mode.